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Andy Murray Does Smile
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 10:12

Andy Murray Does Smile

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Andy Murray Does Smile Andy Murray Does Smile

Is it just us, or has Andy Murray been more cheerful lately? Even before he won the Wimbledon men’s finals but he even threw his racket into the crowd and made a joke about then Prime Minister, David Cameron, following his win. We’ve been wondering if he may perhaps have had some help from a new PR agency.

Andy has long been known for his dour Scotsman personality, keeping steely faced and muttering monosyllabic responses when interviewed, but recently it seems he’s cheered up. He’s smiling and interacting well with his interviewers – albeit still slightly awkwardly at times – and as we said before, even cracking jokes. This all smacks of decent coaching and media training. Media training helps to show how the media works and provides tips and tricks on how to give a strong interview while retaining control – this is something we offer here at Mana Communications.

It’s not just interviews which benefit from some media training. In this world of digital media, sports personalities like Andy, and celebrities, as well as CEOs and Senior Leadership Teams are benefitting from some training in social media too. Social media has made things a whole lot more complicated because it's public, it's instant, and it's far more difficult to make amends instantly.

It’s amazing how many high profile ‘celebs’ surrounded by equally high profile PR organisations make such huge social media blunders. With the world’s media watching your every move, why provide fuel for the fire and sensational stories when the focus should be on the reason why you got to where you are in the first place.

It may seem condescending to suggest to grown adults that they may benefit from the support of PR experts to ensure their media interactions and social media output doesn’t offer them up on a plate for the tabloids and celebrity vloggers/bloggers and trolls but it really is the best way forward for your clients, particularly if they have a tendency to be a bit ‘Andy Murray’ or at least old Andy Murray.

Here at Mana Communications we work with a number of individuals and organisations providing media training and support. Once we’ve gone through media training we can offer a social media service where we post on a client’s behalf, or simply check things before they’re posted to make sure there are no negative connotations.

A good PR agency lives and breathes language and it’s our job to ensure that everything our clients put out in the media really works for them and reflects them in a positive light. We’re there to minimise controversy for our clients, as much as we possibly can, because even the most innocent of comments can cause offence or embarrassment so it’s our job to avoid it.

As the world becomes more and more connected and the instant nature of social media can have blips spread across the world in a heartbeat, can those people in the public eye really afford not to take advantage of the support a great PR agency can provide? We don’t think so, and it seems neither does Andy Murray. Good on him, we’re loving it.

If you’d like some help with media training, social media support, or just some general PR advice, give us a call.

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