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In 2015 the UK Government established that UK Universities could, for the first time, recruit as many students as they thought necessary. This marked a huge shift from previous regulation which capped the number of students admitted to their different degrees. This week The Economist published a detailed and very informative article analysing the impact of this decision on universities across the UK.

The Goverment hoped that such changes would result in bigger-sized universities, more young people accesing higher education and an influx of highly-skilled professionals into the economy. However, these changes appear to be taking longer than expected. 

The Economist explains that a similar measure taken by the Government in Australia also took longer than initially predicted but that it did result in more young people from different social groups attending university. All in all, a positive move which will be felt, however slowly, in the sector, the economy and the country.

However, The Economist also warns against possible limitations: "funding the extra places will not be cheap: the policy will require the support of future governments. Unfortunately for those universities that are hoping to expand, that is far from guaranteed."

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