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What we do

We start with your story. It needs to be clear, authentic and told with conviction. From here, we help solve any communication challenge you are facing - be it more effectively engaging staff or speaking well in a crisis. Please see below the full range of services we offer.

Media interviews may appear conversational but in fact they are a highly choreographed exchange of…
Before you start talking, it is important to know what you want to say.
Just as with two individuals, if there is an excellent flow of communication throughout an…
Mana Communications works at the most senior level in organisations to successfully address profile raising…
In a crisis an organisation's reputation is at stake. If handled badly from a communications…
We get excited about helping organisations tell their story to the media. We have a…
We are currently in the infancy of the digital era and already the implications have…
A well run event can speak volumes about an organisation and be a fantastic format…
If executed well, a sophisticated public relations strategy can be an incredibly powerful tool for…

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