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Caleb Hulme-Moir, Managing Director, Wellington

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Caleb is a senior public relations specialist who has worked extensively across the British, North American and Asia Pacific media markets. Over his career, he has worked with a broad range of companies, from start ups to multinational nationals, professional bodies to charities, some of the world's most famous universities to niche providers.

Every company has unique communications challenges and needs. Caleb loves helping to solve these and identifying how businesses can tell their story well in today's rich and diverse media landscape. He demands excellence and is focused on ensuring the expectations of his clients' are not only met but exceeded.

As a former journalist, Caleb is an unapologetic supporter and consumer of the news media with an inbuilt sense of what makes a strong story. He's interested in the role that business plays in society and is passionate about higher education having developed a deep understanding, skill-set and contact base in this sector.

Caleb enjoys life and in his spare time you'll find him cooking, scouting out new eateries or hiking in one of the many stunning national parks surrounding Sydney.

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